If you didn’t know we’re off somewhere nice

Do you remember what you did on the 6th January 2015 with your first day back in the office after a 2 week break for Christmas?

Well Susy and I decided that we would ask for a sabbatical for later in the year, mine is a modest 2 months while Susy opted for a brave 4 months of adventure. After a very easy process of approval from what felt like everybody we were lucky enough to get 2 thumbs up from work and told to enjoy ourselves.

The next step for any good Project Manager and Event Manger was to set up the plan, so too Google Drive we went. I must admit Susy has been busy in power point and google drive working out the plan of what we are going to and where we are staying with weblinks, fancy pictures and trip advisor ratings, while i’ve been enjoying all my jabs! Lucky Susy and I like most of the same things to do and stay so it’s been a very smooth process of me agreeing with most suggestions she had and happpy with everything so far. So my part in the big adventure comes into action when we step off the plane in Bali. Social media is my bag during the trip and as we chose Southern Asia the Wi-Fi comes as standard everywhere so i’ll be updating you (and gloating) on all of our adventures. This should also reduce the amount of chat time our first day back in the office in the big kitchen at work.

Our trip begins on Sunday 30th August as we start this little jaunt with a few cocktails at Heathrow before our 18hr flight too Bali, quite a few of you have asked what the plan is, so here it is;

30th August – 20th September – We will be bumbling around Indonesia

20th September – 30th September – Hanging out with the monkeys in Borneo

30th September – 2nd October – A cheeky spa weekend in Cambodia

2nd October – 5th October – Drinking buckets in Bangkok

5th October – 14th October – Looking at LOTS of temples in Burma

14th October – 28th October – Seeing the wildlife in Sri Lanka

29th October – On the 13.5hr flight back to blighty, to weeping friends and family at arrivals waiting with banners and flowers (more likely an Addison Lee driver with a sign calling me Mr.Low on)

Many of you have asked and said, why are you booking so much and planning you should go with the flow and follow the other people you meet. Well my answer to you is that Susy and I are Flash Packers, we are too old to be sleeping with a room full of strangers, having a 1hr queue for the bath room in the morning, living in dirty unknown squalor and sweating in cattle class on a bus. We are opting for a grown up version, where we wont come back with back pack flags, braids, 30 dirty rag bracelets from a monk you met in the mountains who cleansed you Aura and having found ourself. We know who we are and so do you.So why are we doing this?

We are taking some time out of living in central London, stressful careers and simply escaping life for a while, just a quick regrouping of our minds to do something for ourself and only have to worry about each other and making sure Susy doesn’t turn into a zombie after 1 too many buckets.

So i guess you’ll hear again from me soon and apologies in advance for any smugness you may experience from us before we go.


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