The prologue

We are officially on our travels, we are packed (just) and i’m writing this on the second leg our our flight from Qatar to Bali, trying to distract myself from the squeaky bum turbulence. So to fill you in…..Thursday saw Susy and I’s last day in the office. It ended in the usual Three Crowns nonsense, we’re still unsure if we had a good turn out to say ta-rah or if it just clashed with thirsty Thursdays. Either way we had lots of fun and spent most of the evening reassuring people we hadn’t quit our jobs, I did however set myself the challenge of coming back as brown as an asian. This challenge was with an asian man – poorly thought out on my part. Next was the packing.
In hindsight we both could have been more organised with the packing however it was something Susy and I both didn’t really know where to start, it was left to the night before with several methods tried. Susy opted for the cram it in and i went with the fold and roll. Even though we got the books, read the blogs and asked the friends at 30 and 30-something we still haven’t mastered packing. Many sacrifices were made in the packing cut but then again who does really know what to pack for if you are travelling for only 2 months? I said farewell to my beloved pro curler and Susy said hello to the new “security pouch” or bum bag to you and me her mum got her. However Susy has still managed to make room for her dressing gown, yes that is correct her dressing gown and i have a back pack full of Tampax after hearing they don’t sell them where we are going and went into a pre menstrual Tampax buying frenzy.
I did believe that being older would make this travelling malarky easier, however with all the creature comforts we have set in over the years left at home this will make for an interesting trip. We’ve come to realise that no one can ever be fully prepared to travel for the first time, if they say they are they are pulling your leg as they hide away their newly thumbed copy of Eat, Love, Pray.
Like anyone leaving their adult lives behind, you have worries. However with all worries pushed aside for a couple of months we only have to look out for each other and not worry about anything. It’s not very often that you get the opportunity as an adult to escape from life when you aren’t a Teen or uni grad and life is still there to pick up when you come back, so we plan on making the most of this last chance liberation. 
Past 30 hrs in stats;

2 days travelling, 3 hour wait at Heathrow for the flight to Qatar, 2 demon children kicking our chair for 6 hours, 1 Home Alone inspired run through Qatar airport to get our connecting flight, 1 lost hat, lots of squeaky bum turbulence, 1 randy french couple dry humping next to us and trying to hide his permanent erection and way too many Tramadols.

Now we are here in paradise and you know I love to gloat but this place is paradise.


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